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David Richmond the real Timothy Dolan

Thanks so much for your tips. This one was submitted to me from a reader. Upon researching it further and confirming that this was the basis, I am now posting it. Thanks so much guys!!!

Plot: A mother (Patty Duke) goes to Chicago to try to find her son (Robert Floyd) who has suddenly quit contacting her and can't be reached.

Reality: On September 6, 1992, in the early morning hours, Michele Roger brutally murdered David A. Richmond, her lover. Roger stabbed Richmond while he was sleeping, because she wanted to terminate their relationship. After stabbing him at least 2 additional times while they struggled, Roger, not knowing whether he was alive or not, left their home to go to her parents, where they cleaned her up and discussed what to do over coffee. Roger and her father returned to the condo to find that Richmond was "no longer alive".
During the daylight hours of the 6th of September, the Roger family removed Richmond's body by wrapping it in bloody carpeting cut from their bedroom floor. The body was then burned, the remains mixed with cement, and the the hardened result dumped into the Atlantic Ocean, from their boat, by Mr. Roger and his son.
Michele Roger is currently serving a 17 year sentence in the Florida Correctional System, for the murder of David Richmond. Roger is eligible for release from prison in the year 2006.

Agnes Roger, Michelle's mother "claimed" she saw David put his finger in her nostrils, pull her hair, and bite on her lips.

In 1999 Michele won clemency and had her 17 year sentence commuted to probation.

"She hopes to raise dogs for the visually impaired and wants to study to be a veterinary assistant," her mother, Agnes Roger of Oviedo, wrote in a letter to then-Gov. Lawton Chiles in September. "My daughter will be living at home with me and my husband." (Orlando Sentinel, Rene Struzman 1999)

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The Roger Family and the trial

"The private investigator my family hired was a big reason we ever even went to trial in the first place. He was a wonderful man and helped my family through many obstacles over the course of the investigation. Not much was being done, in the beginning, because there was no body of evidence. Even when it was all said and done, justice was not served. The sentences handed out to the Roger family, were basically just a slap on the wrist, Michelle included. She was sentenced to 17 years and only served five. What happened to my family was deplorable and we have never been the same since. Not a day goes by that I don't think of David and how our lives would be vastly different if he had never gone to Florida and met Michelle. Nothing can be said or done to make that all go away. I carry it with me always. But had it not been for the investigator and the witnesses testimony, we never would have received the little justice that we got."

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Disappearing Act aka When He Didn't Come Home is a True Story

This story is based on the murder of David Richmond by his fiance Michelle Ashley Roger.

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Boyfriend Murdered Husband Murdered

Here are a few more cases of wives have murdered their husbands or women who have murdered their boyfriends. that are similar to the story above. These cases are not associated with the movie or the story above on which the movie is based.

Jan. 16, 1996 Young County, Texas

Casey Roy Elliott, 27, was reported missing by his family. An investigation led the police to the home of his girlfriend, 41 year old, Helen Moore. Elliott was living with his girlfriend Casey and her two young sons at the time of his disappearance.

When they questioned the girlfriend they noticed blood stains on the wooden porch. Helen Moore said that the blood came from a pig that had been killed. They asked if they could come inside the home to check things out, and she agreed. The floor inside the home looked as though the carpet was removed. She said they had a fight about the carpet, and that she decided to burn the carpet because her boyfriend said that she was a bad housekeeper. After that he was angry and stormed out. Police then got a call about some possible human remains that had been found in some prairie grass. An examination of the scene indicated that the body had been moved to that location. An autopsy found traces of morphine in the body. His body was finally identified through a paternity test. Police went back to the house to ask questions about the pig. They took blood samples. The blood samples proved that the blood was from a pig and not a human being.

The police later learned that there was an insurance policy taken out on her boyfriend. Helen Moore was arrested and charged with murder. Forensic investigators used luminol to check for blood at the ranch, but Moore had used bleach to scrub the house clean. During the interrogation the police made it clear that the state would seek the death penalty for the murder. When Helen realized that she might be getting the death penalty, she confessed to the murder.

The Murder According to Helen
Casey had complained of back pain so she gave him a lethal dose of morphine. She then decided to get rid of the body, but he was a 300 pound cowboy who was almost impossible to move. So she attached the body to a lasso, and then attached the lasso to her truck. She backed the truck up near the front entrance of the ranch, and pulled his body out of the house dragging it so that she could load it onto the trailer. She eventually butchered the parts and scattered them around three different counties to make identification impossible. She was sentenced to life in prison.

The case is referred to as the Cowboy Murder Case. Friends and family described the 300 pound cowboy as a gentle giant who wouldn't hurt anyone.